Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Easy

It's easy to understand. A world of words - words as a world - a kind of separate reality - like that of a strange city - as you walk through it - seeing all the lighted windows & wanting to fill them with imaginary lives, words and stories.

I read your words - no longer alone - and memory overwhelms but it also reconciles. It is easy to understand but hard to acknowledge, things and words. The innocence of green fields, blue sky, I hadn't really thought of what it means but those lacy trees, the brilliant colours of the flowers that weighs on the eyes - who's names I forget - I could spend my days looking at you. But there are more feasts - the sunsets - strawberries, raspberries - mango - the colours that spill into view - imagine - such blinding skies!

I had wanted to keep a journal of the sunsets - how when the air descended into coolness, their colours changed from vivid to soft and bruised - spreading with the breeze up to the mountains until the night sky where the stars shone. I still may. Words to consider. Sights you'd want to last forever. Moments of history. The past. The rest of living. It's easy to understand.......


The Red Studio (or The Art of Dreams)

I had the strangest dream. I was standing in Matisse's red studio when everything started to move. And there I was, now standing on the ceiling ( the room being all of one colour, this was not difficult .) Here I was - lost in red. (Not my favourite colour, either.) Sunlight was everywhere and no shade - patterns of the things in the room changed and began to dance before me. I remembered the walls were red too - were they green in the dream? It was a pleasant change from the white upholstery I'm used to. Now there were Matisse's own paintings on my walls! That's what I could do - stare at his paintings when insomnia overtook. The slant of those paintings have caught my eye - now in the corner of the room - staring out - should I sit in his Morroccan chair - & think of radiance though there are no windows nor doors in this room to let in any light. .I see the empty glass - was Matisse here, just before me? Here he comes now - with a replenishment of paint tubes. We talk still life. Strange.


Murmering (In appreciation of Schubert)

Fragments of a Schubert melody call me - murmering. First the left hand & then the right - now they slip into a minor key. They turn, they fade, they trickle. Leaning into their instruments, the musicians slow down and speed up. Unwinding. Then silence. You can feel the absence.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

In Defence of Roses

There is a soft gentle breeze
Blows warm on the air
Come rose with your soft skin
And sweet breath
Leave me spellbound
With your beauty
Palest rose I see you
Tinged with pink
Swimming with scent
Silken sounding
And I understand
Why you have thorns.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

new paintings will be arriving in the near near near future - watch this space!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Light Coats

Spring rain - sounds like a name
For a scent - maybe it is one
Come Spring - the rain smells
Like no other - the daffodils tell me
In all their light coats
That Spring is a lovely lemon yellow
Sunny & golden in voice
They even remind me of honey.

The garden is wet from yesterday's rains
Before Spring has dreamed
Of bringing it to life
Here is a palette of inspiration.