Poetry - writings

 Another Look or Time Past

I didn't go back
To where our last meeting
Took place - had me
Standing where the poisonous
Flowers engulfed the air
Is this the moment
I had wished for?
Does it even come close?

Here, I was lost
Within a landscape
Everything is chance -
That is understood.

I thought of the dream
And the holiday gatherings
And the bright days
And here I was again
Here we all were
With all the time
In the world.
Did you see us there?
The sea shimmered before us
It is like my dream
Where you say to me
"I'm fine".


I am Mary Robinson & These are my Thoughts

I stand in the light of day
Before you
I am ready
To set across the paper
My words
For your judgement

There is already a memento
A slowing down
I will not walk
But fly to you
In my restriction

No movement
But in words
They shall walk

Velvet & jewels - faded violet
And black satin ribbon
Rose blush & delicate
Powdered snow
A lock of my hair for you -
Every night I see the fleeting
Image -
In my room
Of dusk & dawn

Fragrance of candles
And love
Invade -
Obstacles & death
My dreams & words
Shall set me free

Sweep the Leaves

Sweep the leaves
Into mountains
Gold & beige
With near green colours
And a clear moon


Autumn Smoke 

Autumn smoke
Chopped wood fragrance
Burnt orange lights behind window
Just sitting


You Made me Smile
(or "Read Something")

The whole time thinking
Knees drawn up to chin -
I'm smiling
"Read something"
Before we forget again.


How Vast

Walking through a crystal forest in winter
You might freeze
Yet boundless happiness
Is how vast
The sky


 Dream Paths

Where did you come from?
Following dream paths
At night
While snow is deep
And powdery
I forget
From which path I came
Foosteps silted white & dark
With fresh fall


Night Journey

Silver palaces of  shimmering quartz
Silver turrets tinged with opal
Walk on marbled moon

Blue black night
Movement of velvet clouds
Drifting past fast
Let me float
On moon water
On moon drops
One by one