Poetry II

       Snow, Sound & Colour

      The beauty of children
      In snow with cherry
      Red faces & vibrant
      Scarves flying
      Woolly hats
      Whizzing by
      All is still
      And clear only
      The cries
      Of the children
      Can be heard
      As they play
      So completely
      In the silence


Night Light

It starts snowing
The orange shadow
Of the night light outside
Keeps me safe
My nightmares
Are like tunnels
To the moon!


Snow and Rose Silk

Perfect effortless snow climbs up into your bones
White huddled inside recoiling now
From being made to speak
The little she loves for fear it will vanish
As so much already has
The poem lives between becoming
And dissolving
Feels like water uncontained

On a night like this your fingers & toes
Freeze up solid you want to
Open your parasol of dusty rose silk
Walk through wildflowers long grasses
Move languid in petal pink brocade
And know not the shadows
That lurk

Happiness has always been beach bound
And plans never to come back
To the leaky roof
Yet I want to see winter
Just warm colours soothing greens
Light and laughter