Artist's statement

The avenues of self-expression and spirituality found in art have enabled me to open up to myself and the outside world.

There's an amount of experiment involved in the process whereby the work emerges out of chaos. There's also an element of refinement and reduction. I rely on memories and associations, of places as well as feelings translated through gesture to make spontaneous abstract marks.

The mystery of art's relationship to language and it's rhythms and meanings are very engaging. The ways that all the senses overlap each other and come together to form a harmonic synthesis and unity is of prime interest.

Andrea Russel

    Born:             London, England    
    Education:     North London Polytechnic - English Literature BA studies 1983-1986
                        1986-1991 City of London Guildhall University - Diploma of Art & Design Studies    
    Exhibitions:   Foyer Show - Sir John Cass Faculty of Arts, London
                        Wood Lane Gallery, Highgate - Group Show
                        The Pike Gallery, London
                        Crane Arts, Chelsea, London
                        Group Show, Pasadena, CA, USA